Week 3: Into the Wild the Campers Go!

Campers With Finished Animal Paintings

The third week of summer camp was a safari-themed extravaganza! Campers took a walk on the wild side by exploring local flora and fauna at the park, painting colorful critters, and even creating unique animal masks. Our sites were overrun by some of the fiercest creatures in the animal kingdom!

Children in our Motel Voucher Program kicked off the week by watching a classic Disney movie, Tarzan. Much like the king of the jungle himself, the kids loved connecting with their favorite animals. They made beautiful animal paintings and ventured to the park to explore nature and blow bubbles. LifeMoves staff could barely hear the chirping birds over the laughter and excitement of our safari leaders in training!

Our Redwood City Safe Parking site received a turtle-y awesome visitor this week: Mr. Tortoise! One of our summer camp team's own pets, Mr. Tortoise enjoyed chomping on delicious, crunchy leaves – his favorite snack – as campers got to know him. They looked after their new four-legged friend as they planted seeds in their new garden and got creative assembling fierce, safari-themed masks. Let’s just say Mr. Tortoise had no plans to come out of his shell anytime soon (but don’t worry – he was doing just fine).

Animal masks they made

If there’s one thing that a skilled safari leader needs to stay sharp in the wild, it's a good snack! The children at LifeMoves | First Step for Families decorated animal-shaped cookies and enjoyed a sweet treat with plenty of confetti sprinkles on top! They also made their own grass heads using soil, cups, and socks. With enough sun and H20, we are sure to see some spikey blades sprouting up soon enough — keeping our campers safe and camouflaged during their safari adventures.

The third week of Summer Adventure Camp came to an exciting conclusion, with campers on the edge of their seats. They are strapped in and ready for another week of themed activities, and soon they’ll be blasting off into space! Join us next week as these future astronauts embark on a mission to save the planet… one craft at a time.

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